Recycled noise (Letras)

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

I'll poke in my mind
The illusion of the silence,
all is hatred
the tearing of innocence and pardon.

And I drag me,
but never I'll shout it
Your easy life,
your stupid agony.

Look at me and tell me, who am I?
I know the way, I know the way, the way!

Hate in your eyes,
hate in your words...
Give me your easy life!
give me your stupid agony!

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

Show them your smile
while you kill him,
show me what is fun
while you watch bleed him.

The people cheers your name
watching the show of sand and blood.
Fuck with them and with you!
Torture never be an art!

But if he kills you,
then I'll laugh
While they cry for you,
then I'll laugh!

Suffering means nothing to you
In this fucking show of sand and blood
So let him kill you and I'll laugh...

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

I'll let my pathetic body
submerged into the old disorder
my memories will be fragmented,
my soul is transported into the cryo machine.

I'm paralyzed and something crossing my veins
sleeping now for awake in the future
my mind my soul, myself into another world
my new world into the cryo machine.

I start living and now what!
I don't know, I wanna be at home.

I open my eyes and look around
a new god, life still is the same stage
for any place, I'm a strange
now I'm a human out of evolution.

I start living and now what!
I don't know, I wanna be at home.

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

Human, I know your love for the power.
Church, I know your "big" contribution to the humanity,
Ok, I will not say nothing,
my fucking soul is for you.

God, now you have something to tell me...
you are less than us.
Just look this world,
all is a big piece of shit.

Ok, I will not say nothing,
my fucking soul is for you.

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

This is my new world but...
who am I?
A new hatred seed,
a superior organism

World! I'm the replacement!
The superior human being!

Finally let me tell you: "YOU WILL DIE",
Mundo enfermo soy el guía,
la semilla de destrucción.

World! I'm the replacement!
The superior human being!

Earth! listen to me!

(Música: Franco Olivera, letra: Ernesto Bohorquez)

Suffer! scream to die, suffer!
Sick, pain descending,
broken, suffer, cry,
Spit, life n' death,
lost, shit, panic,
far away!

Look my hand with blood,
my face, my mind, my soul, in burn.

(Música: Ernesto Bohorquez/Franco Olivera - letra: Franco Olivera)

You walk through of the chaos
and cannot see it,
I can smell your fear,
I can smell your madness...

I'm not part of your system
your fucking system
some day you'll be like me:
Unknown God!

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

Now burn the face of the earth,
my skin is damaged and I'm dying,
freedom? no more walk outside.

I feel your anger but...
fuck! let me to breathe,
humanity exiled?
here or there no place to hide.

Aggressive blue sky...

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

A dark place to rest, for every wish,
I count the hours inside me,
now I can't feel my anger.

Time is gone and I know,
any reason is a right to hate,
this can't be real no more,
every day I see the same.

I feel safe in every dark place,
far away from my own hate
I feel safe in every dark place,
far away from my own hate

From my own flesh..

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

New life is real.
Emerging, killing from inside.
Who erases our mediocrity?

Paralyzed by pain,
contaminated by ourselves,
the world, my world.
The instinct of self-preservation.

Emerging, killing from inside!

(Letra y música: Franco Olivera)

What is the reason
to stay and die here,
under the sun and no birds to hear.

Life was always pain
I don't want to understand
we are corpses walking to the promised land.

You will try to escape
the long road of agony
lies and despair giving fantasies.

Now it's the rain that will help me see
every pale ghost from every dead tree.

Paradise is looking at the past.
but now it's time to feel this black rain.